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6 Reasons You Should Love Your PR Agency

Today, everyone is focused on the love of a partner, friend or family member, but are you honoring your professional relationships with equal enthusiasm?

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Entering into a relationship with a new agency can be a daunting experience that requires some faith, and understanding. It’s easy to perceive them as the hired help, but there are real reasons you should love your agency and build a strong, respectful, mutual relationship with them. Moreover, maybe you've had the same agency for your business for some time. It can be easy to take them for granted.

I challenge you today to also celebrate the successful relationship you have with your vendors, in particular your PR agency. Here are some tips to help you love your public relations agency.

  1. You hired them for a reason: Through the proposal process something struck you about the agency you selected. Maybe it was their clear understanding of your business. Maybe it was that coupled with some truly creative thinking, or maybe it was the mutual report in meetings that made you think “We can really work with these folks.” Whatever the reason, you hired the best of the bunch and you need to remember that during your time working together. You need to believe in them as much four months in as you did the first day.

  2. You share the same goals: For an agency to develop a strategy that works to meet your goals, they have to see and share your vision for the ultimate outcome of your relationship. If you’re not on the same page, it will probably not work out and they understand this. Your agency’s success for you means a success story for them, so they are going to take your goals on as their goals. Coupled with experience, know-how, passion and determination, they are going to do everything they can to help you reach your goals. It will drive them.

  3. They know how to accomplish your goals: You hired your agency because they are the experts, so have some faith, let them be the experts and guide you in the best directions to achieve your goals. Years of experience have led them to know exactly what you need, how and when you need it. And, it’s always important to maintain an open line of communication for questions and idea sharing. After all, you’re a team.

  4. Your agency is your biggest advocate: Every day we PR pros are working with media and taking note of changes and needs. Most importantly, we’re in direct, ongoing conversations with them on your behalf, delivering messaging and creating interest in your company. Even if there is a moment of frustration, which does happen, you should remember that no matter what, your agency has your back. They are your biggest cheerleaders and brand ambassadors that will engage with your brand online and tell their friends and family all the positive things about your business, product or service. Trust me, we love talking about our clients to others. There is a sense of pride.

  5. They’re fighting the ground war: On a daily basis your agency is your boots on the ground. They’ve got their ears to the rail and fighting the ground war to help you meet your goals, and it’s not always easy. We have to learn to take rejection without making it personal. We have to, sometimes, deal with busy journalists who don’t want to give us the time of day, no matter how great the story. We have to be aggressive without being annoying and risk getting black listed. We have to find the perfect way to tell your story that will garner results. We have to be prepared to shift gears, if needed, based on the intel we collect, and get your buy in. And, most importantly we have to determine how to break through the clutter of hundreds of daily emails media receive to ensure your story is seen.

  6. They want to win: We agency people are a fairly competitive bunch and the reason we’re in this business is because of the thrill that comes from winning….for you! There are thoughts of celebrations and cheers after a job well done meeting your goals. Really, it is what drives us. While it may still require some flexibility and understanding along the journey, there is one thing we know….we want to hit it out of the park, and sometimes that means changing gears; whatever it takes to make it happen. No one wants you to be happier with the results than us. And that, alone, is a good reason to love your agency.

Of course, it is important to remember that nothing happens overnight, and you need to give your agency some time to prove themselves. Only then can you offer a fair evaluation and embrace the value a great agency producing great work.

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