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Cascade Communications Joins Clutch’s List of Leading PR Firms in Chicago

Working on behalf of business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup founders everywhere, Cascade Communications has a passion for brand stories, news and marketing. We’re a distinctive public relations and marketing communications agency, building a brand around your story using our client-centric, outcome-driven program – Communicate. Engage. Participate.

Since 2001, Cascade has worked with Fortune 1000s, multinationals, mid-market companies and become a leading public relations and marketing agency for small businesses and startups in growth and go-to-market strategy, some becoming $1MM businesses in under two years.

We’re proud of the success we’ve been able to generate for our clients and proud to be named a leading PR firm in Chicago. Our relationships, creative thinking, strategies and storytelling talents have generated thousands of media stories, hundreds of millions of impressions, brought brand stories to life through graphics, videos and website design, and increased engagement through successful social media and digital marketing strategies.

Clutch Leading PR Firms in Chicago

Even more exciting for the Cascade team is that our hard work has been recognized by Clutch, a

B2B research platform that collects verified reviews of leading IT and creative agencies throughout the globe. It’s not every day that our team works to build our own brand awareness, but since joining Clutch’s research of the best PR agencies in Chicago, we’ve been able to do exactly that.

Clutch ranks service providers by evaluating companies’ industry expertise and by collecting verified reviews from clients whom have worked directly with the agencies featured on their platform.

To measure Cascade’s expertise in public relations, Clutch looked at our team’s website to get a sense of the services we offer, the list of clients we’ve served in the past, and examples of PR campaigns and media hits we’ve built for our partners over the years.

The best part of being included on Clutch, however, is the opportunity to receive direct feedback from our business partners through phone interviews they’ve conducted with Clutch analysts. The interviews are designed to get an accurate and unbiased understanding of what it’s like working with Cascade so future buyers can feel confident in choosing us as their preferred agency for any PR needs.

All of our client reviews are published to Clutch profile, but here’s a glimpse of the first few reviews we’ve collected on their site:

Cascade Communications Startup Review

Cascade Communications Small Business Review

Cascade is incredibly excited for the year to come, the opportunities for clients before us and eager to continue developing our presence on Clutch. We look forward to sharing our unique, results-oriented strategies with more entrepreneurs and small business owners through our continued success on Clutch.

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