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How to Rank High in Search: The Best Secrets for DIY SEO

Every business is concerned with SEO. Any why shouldn’t they be? Where you rank on search engines can determine how well your business succeeds.

Large companies can’t help but invest a lot of money into SEO because they can’t afford to let their competitors get an edge. However, there are a lot of small companies that don’t have this luxury and need to maximize their marketing dollar. The question is--should you invest in SEO, or should this money be invested elsewhere?

The good news is that Google is getting better at rewarding worthy businesses. While SEO

companies previously attempted to trick the system with back links and redirects, this has become obsolete. Do you think Google is not aware that these SEO companies are trying to cheat the system? Of course, they realize it. Do you think SEO companies are smarter than Google? Of course not.

Google’s main objective is to show the most relevant information to their users. What websites show higher? If you and your competitors are optimized the same and have the same keywords, the biggest factor for ranking will be clicks to your site. It would make sense that if someone searches for “rubber bands”, the site with the most visits that include these keywords will appear highest. The reason being that if you have the most hits to your site, you’re probably also the leader in the industry. The question is, how does one get more clicks than their competitors?

One of the quickest ways to get clicks to your site is doing a Pay-Per-Click/Search Engine Marketing (PPC/SEM) campaign. This means putting paid advertisements on search engines.

If you’re going to spend money getting your company noticed on the web, why put it towards SEO, hoping that you’ll be on the first couple of pages, when a PPC campaign can guarantee you’re on the first page? You don’t need a huge budget to get started – start with as little as one dollar a day.

Be sure to select keywords that target your exact audience. If your product is rubber bands, you don’t want to be mixed in with rock bands. Your website will only be shown when someone searches for your exact keywords. The best part is that you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad. You can set up a Google Adwords account yourself, but the most efficient way is to work with a professional, who is in the search weeds daily and knows how the system works and to maximize results.

Another large factor that determines rank is how easily Google can find keywords on your site. Are they included in the page tabs and meta tags? Are keywords deep down in your site or at the top of your page? Are they included on images? And most importantly, is your website mobile friendly?

It’s hard to believe that there are some companies that still don’t have a mobile/responsive site. These businesses will slowly fall in search rankings. Why? Like I mentioned before, Google’s objective is to show the most relevant information to searchers. Since many people use their mobile devices for finding information, they give a lower credence to non-mobile sites since it’s harder to view content. Because of this, Google will rank sites higher that are easy to navigate and display information clearly. What’s the message? Get your website mobile!

Google also gives higher rankings for websites that make consistent changes. If you don’t pay attention to your website and only make edits every six or twelve months, why should Google pay attention to your site, either? On the other hand, if you make weekly changes, Google will think there’s a lot of activity on your website and you’re very busy in your industry. Some people think that making blog posts will help, but what Google really likes are changes to the Home page, since they know this is bigger news, rather than something mentioned deep down in your site. Even making a minor change like one word to the home page can make a difference.

Add a credible link to your website and watch your rankings shoot up. Whether it be a media company or university, Google will think if you’re connected to an important website, you must be a player in the industry.

For small businesses just starting out, make sure you’re signed up for Google My Business. Google wants to find your business. That’s why they set up this system so you could list your business with them so it’s easier to find you. The best part is that it’s free. Just go to Google.com/Business and fill out the requested information.

These are other additions that can be made to your website that will get you higher up on search engines. They key is finding a marketing professional who knows how to get hits to your website

Fredric Brewer is the owner of PartThree.com, a Cascade Communications partner for integrated digital advertising. He is also the author of JoeJackBook.com.

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