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Top Tips for Best Results for Press Releases to Media

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I am always looking for ways to share with entrepreneurs the best practices for conducting public relations for their business. DIY PR can take time, but it can also be very worth it.

Here, I join several experts in a round up of our best tips for writing and distributing successful press releases that help you attract media attention. Check out my advice at number 18.

However, it's important to remember that just because you send out the press release or distribute it on a wire like PR Web or PRNewswire, doesn't mean media will start calling off the hook. You actually need to follow up with the media you desire to attract.

Did you just sigh thinking that will be more and more time? If you want mass exposure, that is a lot of media, and a lot of work. However, I have a simple plan for you.

You don't have to have a lot of time to do PR well. You just have to be focused and targeted. Don't get overwhelmed by the number of opportunities out there that you would like to attract. Instead, pick the low hanging fruit or your top 25 wish list. Maybe you want to focus on local media to build hometown support. Either way, by targeting and working your PR plan in digestible pieces, you will not feel overwhelmed and you will actually feel like the short-term goal you've set is more achievable.

Before you engage in this, you must accept that you aren't going to get mass exposure right now. it may, instead, take several months as you take on one stage of your DIY PR plan one step at a time.

Remember, quality over quantity. Sure you would love to be in 200 media, but here's the reality:

1. Not all media are going to be interested in what you're doing, so why would you waste time and energy trying to get their attention?

2. Not all "influencers" really influence anyone - bloggers are great, but they are more than likely to "not" provide any kind of return, so stay away from pay-to-play bloggers and focus on those who are not. I may be one of the first to say this, but don't worry if these bloggers don't have a large following or major engagement. You see, it's the link back to your website that matters. It can help boost your search ranking.

3. The perception of a media outlet's credibility matters to consumers and prospective customers.

4. You're likely to spend hours and hours and days following up with all of these media only to be left feeling it was a waste of time. Accept that quality, not quantity, is what matters for quick ROI.

When you focus on QUALITY and not quantity of media your returns (i.e. traffic and sales) will be greater.

Here are a few great things to consider:

1. Hometown media often have higher search results because they're turning over content more often and have more users, so when you have a story on that site it will get more eyeballs and boost your search results. The bonus is that people in your company's "hometown" will be excited to support you and share it with friends and family.

2. Many industries have specific media - for instance parenting, health & wellness, business, even gymnastics and gardening, also industry trade publications. We call these the "low hanging fruit" - the exact place your audience is and they're the ones most likely to buy right now and drive immediate revenue.

3. Again, 10 high quality media stories can drive 10xs more revenue than 100 high-low quality media.

Want more ideas and advice? Read this round up article of "Top 30 Press Release Distribution Tips from the Pros " on

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