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We live for the applause: Don't take our word for it...take theirs.

"We always get the best stories for our viewers from Cascade. They understand what we need to tell a story visually and provided everything we needed to create an incredible story." ​ Producer, Black News Channel/CNN


New York Times best-selling author Robert Edsel of The Monuments Men

"...special thanks go to Cascade Communications for interpreting so well my wishes and for being so easy and fun to work with!"

Kristin Cerwin, Former Area Manager for Beam Wine Estates

I worked with Jennifer on the Jim Beam Brands' DeKuyper Pucker Schnapps "Longest Kiss" event. Jennifer's work is exceptional. Not a detail was left unattended to. She really makes the effort to go above and beyond. She wants her client to not only be happy with the end result, but to be happy with every step along the way. She is professional, honest and efficient. I highly recommend!


Jim Holtzman, Former Vice-President Board of Directors, NVAM

I have worked with Jennifer through my role as a board member/treasurer of the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, where I brought her on back in 2004. Jennifer is a determined and creative PR professional and skilled at getting excellent placements for our message. She is a strong supporter in the development of that message as well. She has been with this museum through some of the hardest times and has managed to stay positive and supportive and see the good through all of the challenges. Most importantly, she has helped communicate that good to the public through her work. I would work with Jennifer any time and will in future opportunities. I recommend her without reservation and will be happy to discuss with anyone who would like to know more." Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.

Gail Sanders-Luckman, Founder, Kumfy Tailz

Jennifer is one of the best hires I have ever made. She has done an outstanding job of taking a startup and putting us on the "map".  She 'gets it'.  Her PR efforts have given Kumfy Tailz an incredible presence in the pet publication and social media world, with more than 70 media placements including the 'Today' show. Kumfy Tailz will continue to work with Jennifer as long as we are Kumfy Tailz.

Killian watermalr.png

Bob Killian, Owner, Killian & Associates

Bob Killian, Owner, Killian & Associates

Everybody likes Jennifer, if that matters to you. People like her personally because she sparkles. People like her professionally (ah, now I've got your interest) because she has energy and resources. Loads of youthful energy, bulging Rolodex of resources. Work with her; you'll see.

Sheennan Showers, COO, TriggerPoint Trading

Jennifer has been a blessing to all aspects of projects that I have worked on with her, she can adapt easily to the industry that she has been tasked to do even IF she does not have prior experience in that industry and quickly become a VALUABLE contributor to the success. Highly recommend that you don't pass her by if you need things accomplished in PR.


Bridget O'Shea, Former Editor Chicago News Cooperative, Freelancer

Jennifer is thoughtful and thorough in her dealings with clients and businesses

Al Martin, formerly of Kaplan Publishing

Jennifer is an amazing marketing communications professional. From developing strategic programming down to the nitty gritty of securing media placements, Jennifer Fortney and Cascade Communications earn an A+++ in client service. Jennifer is a master at pitching high-end media like USA Today or New York Times as well as smaller local market media. I am always seeking out new opportunities to work with Cascade Communications.

Kaplan Publishing.jpg

Linda Horwitz & Alison Smetana, Co-Owners, Creators be.ology

Our company, be.ology, has worked with Jennifer for close to two years. From the first moment she met us, she shared in our passion and enthusiasm to creatively market and spread the positive word on be.ology. She has helped us grow, build momentum and support us with creative and unique strategies. Each year our goals have changed and Jennifer has been sensitive to our changing needs. We look forward to more great successes together.

Yvonne Hedeker & David Allen, Light Health Research

Jennifer Fortney, has been extraordinarily helpful in assisting us with defining our marketing goals and strategies, both short-term and long-term.  Her experience has translated into practical, effective advice. The wealth of tools that Jennifer brings to the creation of our sales collateral and marketing materials is impressive. Her creative PR and sales ideas are always coupled with effective implementation strategies. Her business knowledge and experience extend well beyond just marketing and PR.

She has been one of the few start-up consultants that wasn’t just looking at what’s in it for her; rather she has demonstrated over and over again her dedication to our growth and success. At all times she keeps our best interests in the forefront. Her infectious enthusiasm and cheerleading make working with her fun and rewarding.  Jennifer is a trustworthy person with impeccable integrity.

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