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Don't let our big corporation work scare you. We've long been experts in marketing small business and startups, allowing them to be just as competitive on a smaller budget.
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Our Approach



Are you heading in the right direction or feel as if your business is stalled?

Sometimes all you need is a marketing audit by outside experts to provide fresh thinking and direction for your business. We take a look from every angle to find solutions to your marketing challenges, and implement a road map to get you in the fast lane again.

Highly strategic recommendations


We'll help you spread the word about your awesome startup on a lean budget.


Affordable and very targeted, our strategies have a long-term view with a short-term understanding of budget. We focus on tactics that provide immediate (short-term) results for long-term growth, and work with you to create the best campaign for you now and tomorrow, while evaluating other marketing to ensure that you're set up for success.



We are more than happy to do the heavy lifting, and teach you the secrets to conducting a number of marketing tactics on your own. In fact, we encourage it, because these things are so simple once you understand how to do it. Moreover, as the captain of your ship, even if you outsource it, you should still understand it.

 Trepsess Magazine for Startups -> Small Enterprise 


Strategic Mentorship

Over the years our expertise on small businesses and startups has grown exponentially. Even our Rolodex is overflowing with resources.

Over the last 10 years, Jennifer Fortney has helped many startups prepare for launch and growth through an exclusive Strategic Startup Mentorship program, as well as implement that growth through PR and digital marketing.


We evaluate and address all of your pain points from process and production to promotion and growth to create opportunities through a customized, actionable, strategic plan that will prepare you for launch and future growth. 


Space limited

Just a few startups and small businesses we have helped through public relations, branding, design and mentorship

Get real advice from startup experts in our short series "Trepsess".

Have a recommendation on who we should interview? 


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