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Don't let our big corporate PR experience scare you. We've long been experts in marketing small-medium business and startups, allowing them to be just as competitive. Most importantly, we know the industry, how it's changing and what our clients need for success in a digital world.

We're a highly acclaimed public relations agency integrating content and search for maximum exposure to startups, small business and small enterprises around the world. Cascade is a new breed of PR and communications agency built for the future of search and discovery. Learn more

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Named a Top 10 PR Agency for Startups Worldwide since 2019 

Our Expertise

For more than 20 years, we've honed our skills in corporate PR to help startups, small to medium-sized businesses meet their objectives for credibility, awareness and growth. We've worked with a variety of clients in the U.S. and globally.

Our core competencies

Brand story and messaging

Public relations

Search trends

Website design and story

Content creation - blog, video, graphics

Our Approach

The role of PR is to create credibility, generate awareness and drive website traffic. However, we also understand that not every potential customer will learn about you through a media story. Our PR campaigns also focus on branded content across channels that drive Search & Discovery, expand amplification and awareness, and ensures your website delivers.
Onboarding & Discovery


Are you heading in the right direction or feel as if your business is stalled?

Sometimes all you need is a marketing audit by outside experts to provide fresh thinking and direction for your business. Using out Cascade360 Onboarding and Audits, we take a look from every angle to find solutions to your marketing challenges and the opportunities, and implement a road map to get you in the fast lane again.



As the media industry and search trends continue to change, it's important to advise our clients and set expectations about the digital world we live in and how PR combines with other brand story tactics to improve search and discovery for long-term growth.


We are more than happy to do the heavy lifting, and teach you the secrets to conducting a number of marketing tactics on your own. In fact, we encourage it, because these things are so simple once you understand how to do it. Moreover, as the captain of your ship, even if you outsource it, you should still understand it.

Customized, Highly Strategic Campaigns


We'll help you spread the word about your awesome startup, small business or small enterprise strategically to meet your objectives.


Boutique-affordable and very targeted, our strategies have a long-term view with a short-term understanding of budget. We focus on tactics that provide immediate (short-term) results that build long-term growth, and work with you to create the best campaign for you now and tomorrow, while evaluating other digital marketing tactics to ensure that you're set up for success.

Our strategies cover PR, expert positioning, content, search best practices, social media strategies and how to implement an integrated campaign that generates awareness and creates credibility.  Read More

Insight into Search Trends

Understanding consumer and customer search trends is key to our Cascade360 program. We're engaged in continued, weekly learning to stay on top of search trends and changes for our clients. We ensure that your website and content benefit with the latest search best practices to increase and maintain traffic and engagement. 

Wix Website Experts

Your website is the most important part of your online marketing. Making sure that it is built for customer experience, brand building and search, we're ever learning so that we can offer the best service to our clients.

Trusted Partners Deliver Quality

We believe it's important to build a team environment with agency and client, and that we are seen as a trusted partner to the company. Our experience and expertise allow us to best mentor and consult our clients and creates an atmosphere of teamwork. 

Just a few startups and small businesses we have helped through public relations, branding, design and mentorship

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Trepsess channel, magazine

Get real advice from startup experts in our Medium magazine "Trepsess".

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