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Case Study - be.ology

A great mission drives media and sales

be.ology was a clothing line with a unique message and goal to change lives. Using creative messages of "", it was created to inspire the wearer, and those who encountered the shirt, to be...kind, you, proud, powerful, bold, inspired, exceptional, and more.

The company expanded their line to include home goods with the same messages of inspiration.

When Cascade met the owners, the company was ready to go to the next level and grow their business.

publi relations agency, Chicago, fashion, Shape mgazine, Oprah, small business marketing
publi relations agency, Chicago, fashion, Shape mgazine, Oprah, small business marketing
publi relations agency, Chicago, fashion, Shape mgazine, Oprah, small business marketing
fashion PR agency

As a small business, their marketing budget was limited and we needed to find a unique story hook like research to qualify the product's concept, and drive sales quickly.


The company's owners were very savvy and interested in generating more lines to grow the company. The t-shirts' unique concept brought a refreshing trend to the market, and a new, inspirational face on everyday fashion. More and more media were covering the inspirational, spiritual trend.


To achieve local and national media placements through a comprehensive media relations campaign, and positioning the company's owners as trend leaders in the inspirational fashion industry.


To develop the "why" of the company story, we found research that connected the power of positive thinking to health, attitude and general overall well being. Our media pitch concentrated on the positive impact that simply wearing, or seeing, messages such as be.strong, and be.bold, could have on people's lives; that it can make them feelbelieve and live the message, making the world a better place.

  • Write press kit materials and product launch releases with a heavy focus on pitching targeted media that would take particular interest in the company, and generate sales quickly.

  • Support the company's presence at industry shows. 

  • Highlight new phrases, charity shirts and new products with media. 

  • Offer promotional giveaways where relevant.

  • Utilize new media outlets, in particular fashion blogs, to communicate the unique product line.


It started with an inclusion in Shape magazine's holiday round up issue of gift ideas. Hitting subscriber's doors November 1, the company had more than 400 orders that first day and grew as issues hit newsstands in December. Next, it was selected as one Oprah's favorite things in "O" magazine, and continued to run in more media. Ultimately, the company generated nearly $1M in sales in 18 months.

  • 30+ media stories - national, local, online and Canada

  • Grew from $150,000 in annual revenue to $1M

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Our company, be.ology, [has] worked with Jennifer for close to two years. From the first moment she met us, she shared in our passion and enthusiasm to creatively market and spread the positive word on be.ology. She has helped us grow, build momentum and support us with creative and unique strategies. Each year our goals have changed and Jennifer has been sensitive to our changing needs. We look forward to more great successes together.   

Linda Horwitz & Alison Smetana, Co-Owners, Creators be.ology

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