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Our Work

Why hello there. Want to see more of our work? Check out just some of what we've been up to below.
Noopl hearing tech
Innovative Hearing Technology

This hearing technology startup launched an app and device that assists individuals who have a hard time hearing in loud environments. 

Our sampling program success led to an major award for the company, and Cascade was a finalist for the PR News Platinum Award for Product Launch of the Year. 

Pucker Kiss Challenge PR
The original Appletini
Jim Beam Brands Experiential, 25-market Promotional PR Campaign & Launch of a Trend

Jim Beam Brands wanted to increase awareness and trial of its flavored liquor, DeKuyper Pucker Schnapps. We ran a $1M campaign in 25 markets that brought people in to raise money for local charity and compete for the longest "pucker" - The Longest Kiss Challenge.

During the tour, we were instrumental in introducing the Appletini and making it a nationwide trend.

Careerpoint logo
Thought Leadership with Contradictory Thinking to Freshen an Industry

CareerPoint is an innovative tool for career development. The Founder's contrary thinking about the HR industry and how companies, executives improve career development to retain top talent led to many media opportunities within the HR industry.

Kumfy Tailz pet products
Launching a New Category in a Booming Industry

Kumfy Tailz was an innovative product designed to address how we keep our pets truly warm in extremely hot and cold weather. Backed by a veterinarian, the product achieved tons of press and influencer engagement, resulting in more than 70 stories and mentions within 18 months. This category has since exploded in the pet industry.

MyClean Chicago PR
Startup Launches in Chicago with Expert Tips

MyClean is a NYC-based company that wanted to launch in a big way in Chicago. Our campaign built on "cleaning tips from the experts" was unique and attracted local TV and other media. 

Crawligator website
Innovative Baby Product Website for Search

Crawligator is an innovative tummy time product that encourages babies and infants how to crawl and develop fine motor skills. They were in need of an initial e-commerce website that communicated the benefits and created an emotional connection. 

We also wrote authentic content for search and to build a community around the brand.

Inspirational Product Launch Turned $1M Company in 12 months

be.ology had one simple mission - to make people feel good. The company was early days into the inspirational clothing movement and racked up tons of media resulting in immediate, ongoing sales that helped it become a $1M company in one year.

Fashion PR the O list
Art therapy for veterans
NVAM logo
Art Therapy for Veterans with PTSD

Chicago's National Veterans Art Museum has a number of powerful stories to tell. We supported their exhibits with PR attracting local TV and other media stories, including that of a formerly imbedded Washington Post journalist in Iraq who suffered PTSD. She discovered the Museum in her pursuit of art therapy to help her heal.

Robert Edsel website
NYT Bestselling Author Website

Our work with the National Veterans Art Museum made us the ideal choice for the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Monuments Men, Robert Edsel. Our job was to tell his story and that of each of his books and television shows.

The Monuments Men Foundation website
A Foundation Website for Art Preservation and Lost Art

After successfully working with Robert Edsel, he asked us to build a website for his foundation The Monuments Men Foundation. It was our pleasure to develop something that was aesthetically pleasing and told the story of the work of the foundation, while also honoring all of the Monuments Men & Women who were responsible in helping find and returned art plundered by the Nazis during WWII and returning them to their rightful owners.

Chicago GRAMMY events
Local GRAMMY Chapter Events and Awards

The Chicago Chapter of the Recording Academy, which supported the Midwest - artists, producers, musicians and more - wanted to increase its positioning in the markets it served. We supported the Chapter with PR for educational programs with students, GRAMMY Award nominees and winners - in each market - along with organizing and managing its red carpet events with some of the most important musicians and prominent music figures in the Chicagoland area. 

Wine, food, beverage PR
Local Wine Shop Builds Local Audience & Attracts a National Clientele

A local neighborhood wine shop and its sommelier manager became a $1M business in under two years. Their limited budget meant that we needed to be creative and focused. The sommelier was a regular expert in the Chicago Tribune for more than one year. The column, distributed in other leading newspapers, lead not only to an increase in local sales but the boutique wine shop began shipping cases to customers across the country.

Nonprofit website design
Branded Website for Local Nonprofit

This organization wanted to improve its brand storytelling with a fresh website that was compelling, communicated its mission and created an emotional connection. The site also needed to be built with search in mind to increase awareness, donors and volunteers.

Clinic website design example
Pain Relief Clinic Website

Kansas Regenerative Institute was opening its doors and wanted to generate awareness through search and communicate its innovative therapies to the local area. The website launched and the small business was booked.

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