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Case Study - Noopl

Consumer Tech Helps Millions Who Have Difficulty Hearing in Loud Environments

Noopl is the first MFi (Made for iPhone) accessory with directionality and AI-based noise reduction featuring Chatable AI 2.0, which makes conversations in noisy environments clearer and allows people to live fuller, more connected lives.


The device is compatible with AirPod Pros, Beats Fit Pro and MFi hearing aids and set out to make the lives of millions across the U.S. easier.

The company started as one version of device with plans to continue expanding the product and its accessibility. 

Cascade was asked to assist in generating consumer awareness of the product and also the tech behind the product.

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As a a startup with a strong agenda for the year, we had to strategically use the budget and emphasize outreach and generating media awareness around various versions of the device.


The team leading Noopl were highly experienced in audiology and hearing tech.

The price of hearing aids is extraordinary and out of reach for most people.


Noopl addressed a market that typically is overlooked because their hearing loss is not usually enough to be detected during testing, yet they know that they are struggling. 

We also knew that the government would soon set legislation for over the counter hearing aid sales, making basic aids more affordable and accessible to millions of Americans. The company would benefit from this.


We focused on setting up a sampling campaign with media supported by desksiders and Q&A sessions with experts - the CEO and Head of Customer Experience. 

Secondary, we set the CEO up as an expert. Leading into government legislation there were a number of outlets looking for experts, including WebMD. The CEO was included in two hearing related stories.


The company had recently attend the Consumer Electronics Show as part of a side showcase for media and received a lot of interest and positive press, even without officially being available to the market. We had the rare opportunity to work with this list of warm media and engage another large group of media for sampling, testing and reviews.

  • Write press kit materials and product launch releases with a heavy focus on pitching targeted media that would take particular interest in the company, and generate sales quickly.

  • Encourage media to try the product and meet the CEO 

  • Launch the initial product and following versions

  • Look for media alternatives, like podcasts, to highlight the CEO as an expert and thought leader in affordable hearing tech

  • Engage consumer tech, relevant demographic and tech media


The product sampling process took longer than expected. Noopl is not a product you just try over a weekend and write a review. A number of media wanted the most authentic review possible and took the time to find people with varying degrees of hearing loss to try Noopl. This took weeks and even months before stories were written. The process also required much more of our time than originally anticipated.

However, over the course of nine months, we were able to achieve stories from a very targeted list of media and submitted the company for an award, which the company won - Hearing Technology Innovator of the Year by Hearing Health & Technology Matters magazine.

Cascade was a nominee for PR News' Platinum Award: Product Launch Campaign of the Year for its work on Noopl.

  • 238,076,905 media impressions 

  • 158,901,354 more possible media impressions to be realized

  • Nominee for PR News Product Launch Campaign of the Year

Cascade PR News Award Finalist
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We always get the best stories for our viewers from Cascade. They understand what we need to tell a story visually and provided everything we needed to create an incredible story.

Producer, Black News Channel/CNN

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