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Client Press Releases

Some of the latest news from Cascade clients. Contact us to speak to them.

Innovative Warehouse Digital Twin AI Startup Raises Pre-Seed Funding in Oversubscribed Round

Chicago, IL (November 2023) Arvist, a groundbreaking supply chain technology company based out of Chicago, IL, has successfully raised an oversubscribed round of $1.1 million in a pre-seed funding. The investment was led by an impressive lineup of venture capital firms, including Refashiond Ventures, Geek Ventures, Lofty Ventures, The Council Fund, Blue Impact Supply Chain Ventures, Techstars, New Leaf Ventures, ProChain Ventures, Chisos Capital, and EverPresent Ventures, along with contributions from a select group of angel investors. Arvist is located in the world renowned incubator, 1871 and has also been part of the Techstars (Techstars’ Industries of the Future) Accelerator.

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iGive Steps Up to Fill the Gap with Double the Donations for Over One Million Nonprofits Impacted by AmazonSmile Shut Down

For a limited time, 2,000+ retailers on iGive - the original shop-to-donate platform - will be offering at least 2X the donation rate than AmazonSmile



Since 2013, more than one million nonprofits across the globe have benefited from donations through AmazonSmile, Amazon’s successful shop and donate program. With the company’s recent announcement that they will shut down the program, iGive, the original online charity mall model, is stepping up to fill the void for charities and philanthropic shoppers alike, helping both give and get more donations than with AmazonSmile.

A pioneer of e-Philanthropy, Rob Grosshandler designed the online charity mall model and launched in 1997. The advent of AmazonSmile slowed the expansion of iGive even though its retailers offer a far greater percentage of money given back (up to 26%) creating a meaningful difference for participating nonprofits. To date, shoppers using iGive have donated more than $10 million with its proprietary shop-to-give software.

As Mental Health Issues Persists, Social Media Platform Rises to Meet the Challenge. Poetry Therapist Dr. Mazza Available.

Startup Poetizer Encourages People to Explore the Healing Power and Community of Poetry for World Mental Health Day 2022


Prague, Czech Republic (September 2022) The pandemic, societal and global issues, inflation and more are increasingly taking a toll on people’s mental health worldwide. According to Mental Health America, nearly 50 million Americans are currently experiencing a mental health issue of some kind, and one in four Americans ages 18 to 44 reported in a survey that they received mental health treatment in 2021-2022. With high demand and unable to find the assistance they need, many are seeking online communities and exploring alternative therapies for self-expression, including poetry. In recognition of World Mental Health Day, Monday, October 10, 2022, Poetizer, the next generation social media startup for poetry, is encouraging everyone to write some poetry.

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DrawNames Consumer Insights Study 2021 Reveals Vaccination Status Important to Holiday Planning

(December 2021) After 20 months, Americans are anxious and excited to spend time with family and friends this holiday season, and vaccination status may define how and with whom they spend the holidays. The 2021 DrawNames Consumer Insights Survey reveals just how Americans are feeling about the holidays, if they intend to celebrate or not, what they plan to spend and how they will shop for gifts. It shows that people (59%) generally feel really good about the holidays this year compared to just 38% trying to keep the holiday spirit in 2020.

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CareerPoint Appoints Four of the Most Influential HR, Recruiting Leaders to Advisory Board

(January 2022) Startup CareerPoint, the world’s first career advancement coaching platform, empowering young professionals and leveling the playing field for historically under-represented groups, announced the addition of four of the most influential leaders in human resources and recruiting today to its advisory board: Laurie Ruettimann, Carmen Hudson, Jennifer McClure and Lars Schmidt.

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Shvasa: The First Streaming Yoga and Meditation Service with Live Classes Led by Some of the World’s Leading Yoga Teachers in India.

(January 2022) As millions of Americans set out to create new, healthier habits for the year, Shvasa, the first streaming yoga and meditation website with live classes led by some of the world’s leading yoga teachers in India, is helping people create good habits that last while meeting individual health and wellness goals for the year. Shvasa offers a personalized approach to yoga with tailor-made classes and one-on-one attention. Since the platform launched in late 2021, it has seen a quick growth including 500% increase in subscriptions in the past month.

Shvasa Virtual Yoga Online

This Award-winning Hearable Tech Device is Now Compatible with Beats Fit Pro 

(November 2021) Roughly 62 million Americans have difficulty following conversations in environments with background noise and they are finding affordable relief with Noopl, the acclaimed iPhone device. The company was recently named Hearing Technology Innovator of the Year 2021 by Hearing Health Matters and announced that the device is now compatible with Beats Fit Pro noise cancelling earbuds.

Award-winning hearing device
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