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How to effectively tell your brand story & generate PR for your small business or startup.

Can you afford to risk that?

Small business do it yourself PR DIY PR, DIY public relations how to book

90% of small businesses and startups fail.

A compelling story that connects with customers can set you apart for growth and success.

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Ever wonder how so many small businesses and startups attract media attention? Do you feel a pang of jealousy that other businesses are getting great public relations, including interviews and media stories, and you're not?

Do they have money to hire a PR agency? Or, maybe they learned to do it themselves. 

One thing is for sure, you know that you need media attention to help grow your business...but where do you start? 

For most people, public relations is a mystery. What is it exactly and how does it work? And most importantly, how can you make it work for you?

If you're a small business or startup struggling to market your business, this book will solve the mystery of PR, help you evaluate the rest of your marketing, and get you planning for success.

"If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations" - Bill Gates

8 Top Small Business Challenges

  • Time constraints (company of 1 or 2); lack of organization

  • Generating ongoing awareness, reputation and positive perception

  • Driving traffic for ongoing sales and revenue

  • Creating word-of-mouth sharing

  • Lack of marketing plan and budget

  • Lack of "know how"

  • Current marketing campaigns are stalled or underperforming

  • Lack of resources for growth and expansion

Nod if you can relate?

"Pitched" will show you how to conquer all of these challenges, plus give you the #1 secret to your overall business success.

DIY PR book. How to does public relations work.
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DIY PR Book: How to generate PR
DIY PR Book: Consumer brand perception
Public relations for small business. DIY PR Book
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DIY PR Book: PR strategy
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DIY PR Book: Public relations worksheet template

What You'll Learn

What exactly is PR, how and why it works; why it's so powerful for small business.

How to write a press release, find, approach and attract the media attention you desire.

Understand your audience, how they decide what to buy and how to make a connection with them. 

"A failure to plan is a plan to fail". Learn how to create a strategy that works and never lose track of your efforts. 

The #1 secret to your overall marketing and business success and how to make it work for your small business or startup.

More than 20 pages of worksheets and templates. Everything you need to create a public relations strategy for your business.

"I met Jennifer...She was a presenter at a SCORE seminar on marketing and PR for new companies. I was impressed with her style and content. She truly was teaching the attendees how to do "it" themselves...Her book will be of great benefit to anyone wanting to develop a succinct message, promote their company, product, etc. It is a must have for all entrepreneurs."-                             Amazon Review

This Book is For:

This book is for all entrepreneurs, small business owners and startup founders that want to:

  • sharpen or define your story

  • bring a product or service to market

  • evaluate or revive your current marketing and messaging

  • give your company a boost with some PR

  • stand out in the market

  • set yourself up to become a better interview or expert for media

  • learn about PR to better manage your organization

  • any and every business owner can benefit from this book...

Anyone looking for an easy to understand, no nonsense Guide to PR.

About the Author

Jennifer Fortney Cascade PR

From the Milk Moustache, a Longest Kiss Challenge Tour, the Largest Roll of Toilet Paper in the World and launching the Appletini to red carpet celebrity events and helping grow small business clients into $1M in revenue in under two years, and much, much more. When it comes to public relations and marketing, I've done it all.

Jennifer Fortney is President of Cascade Communications, a boutique, virtual PR and marketing communications company in Chicago. In her 20+ year career, she has worked with top Fortune 1000 companies and a wide variety of small businesses and startups across the country, generating millions of media impressions. A Journalism major from The University of Kansas, she has written broadcast news, worked in sports, broadcast marketing and corporate PR agencies, was the PR Instructor at SCORE Chicago for 5 years, guest blogger on NBC Chicago’s “Inc. Well” blog and contributor to several online publications.

"Jennifer is an amazing marketing communications professional. From developing strategic programming down to the nitty gritty of securing media placements, Jennifer Fortney and Cascade Communications earn an A+++ in client service. Jennifer is a master at pitching high-end media like USA Today or New York Times as well as smaller local market media."

Al Martin, formerly of Kaplan Publishing

Small business do it yourself PR, DIY public relations how to book

"The information presented is honest, action oriented (workbook sections), and really informative. As a small business owner, I learned more from this easy to understand book than business conferences, programs or other books I've read." -                               Amazon Review

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