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The originator of the shop-to-give model is the first online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase is donated to charity. Established in 1997, iGive has one purpose – to turn everyday online shopping into donations for worthy causes, at no cost to shoppers or the causes they support. Since its inception, iGive has grown to more than 350,000 members supporting 100,000+ causes and raised over $10 million. iGive members generate donations by shopping online at any of iGives 2,000+ retailers. There are no added costs, obligations, or hidden fees.


A pioneer of e-Philanthropy, Rob Grosshandler designed the online charity mall model and launched in 1997. The advent of AmazonSmile slowed the expansion of iGive even though its retailers offer a far greater percentage of money given back (up to 26%) creating a meaningful difference for participating nonprofits. To date, shoppers using  iGive have donated more than $10 million with its proprietary shop-to-give software.

Shoppers who use iGive will have a greater impact than those who used AmazonSmile. iGive donations range from .6 to 26 percent of the total purchase price, depending on the retailer. That’s compared to AmazonSmile’s flat donation rate of only .5 percent. With iGive, a $50 online purchase can generate $1.25 more in charity donation compared to using AmazonSmile. Over time, this adds up faster, creating a greater impact for small nonprofits.


To start donating with iGive, simply create a free account on and begin browsing your favorite retailers and charities. On the iGive account dashboard, shoppers can save their favorite stores, see how much iGive shoppers have donated to their favorite causes, and view their total donation amount to-date.


Downloading the iGive browser extension or mobile app for free, makes searching, buying and donating to a cause even easier by allowing consumers to shop for what they want and automatically see which retailers are iGive participants and the percentage they give back.

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How it Works

  • Use the website to search retailers

  • Download the iGive Button browser description to search by products and see participating retailers and % of donation

  • Use the mobile app to search by retailers and see retailers giving an extra donation

  • Enable the Browser Reminder in the mobile app to alert you to a donation opportunity

Quote: iGive Simply Gives More 

“More than one million charities will lose a key funding source next month, and the iGive team is already seeing the scramble for financial stability,” said Rob Grosshandler, iGive CEO. “Their concerns turned into a 600% increase in consumers using and signing up with iGive in the first hours after the AmazonSmile shutdown was announced. It’s small, hyper local charities that are hurt the most when funding dries up, so we’re eagerly racing to ease the donation transition for our more than 100,000 charity partners.”

Rob Grosshandler, iGive CEO

Rob Grosshandler

RobGrosshandler of iGive

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