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Conscious Breathing. Real Fitness. Mindful Living.

Shvasa (means “breath”) is the first streaming yoga and meditation website with live classes led by some of the world’s leading yoga teachers in India.


Shvasa (means “breath”) is the first streaming yoga and meditation website with live classes led by some of the world’s leading yoga teachers in India. The yoga, meditation and mindfulness platform allows individuals to practice from home with other people around the world through a flexible schedule of classes. Every instructor is an expert or master in the authentic yoga styles in India. Shvasa’s focus is on a holistic view of body and mind, live, personalized classes with feedback, support in creating a lifelong habit and flexible scheduling. 

Today, streaming workouts have become quite the norm, but often jam packed with more people. The Shvasa platform was custom-built to provide features that allow for engagement with the instructor as needed, chat and music, however the one thing that students will notice is the limited class size and focus on personal attention that other platforms do not offer.

With 14 to 20 daily classes, with no more than 10-15 people, are available across every time zone, the company plans to offer more than 100 by the end of 2022. Classes include various forms of yoga from slow restorative and faster-paced vinyasa to breathing techniques, pranayama and daily, 30-minute live meditation classes. Each instructor is able to provide personalized instruction to each student, making corrections and giving insights — allows students to advance and see results in optimal time, deepening their practice.

Students say that this personal attention makes the value of each class worth so much more, not to mention the ease of jumping from home office to yoga mat in minutes.

“Shvasa is not just a yoga class,” says Arunima Singhdeo, Shvasa CEO. “It’s about you taking control of your health and habits for a healthier, fuller life.”

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How it Works

  • You define your Goals & indicate your current activity levels

  • Every profile is matched to the right level. Attend a class that's a perfect fit!

  • Start your one-week free trial

  • Experience Live Yoga with a small group of 15 per class

  • Pick a class, or set up a month of classes, in advance that meet your schedule

  • Select from expert and master instructors train in the authentic yoga styles in India

  • Meet people from all over the world

  • Choose your preferred monthly subscription

Quote: Shvasa or "Breath"

“Yoga masters study and understand the power of breath. Something we all do without conscious thought, but when used correctly it can have profound effects on health and well-being.”

Arunima Singhdeo, Shvasa CEO

Arunima Singhdeo

Arunima Singhdeo, Shvasa Yoga

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