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Case Study - Kansas Regenerative Institute

Kansas Regenerative Institute logo

Over the last decade, stem cell therapy (regenerative medicine) has seen an increase in interest from patients nationwide. Stem cell therapy bridges the gap in care for those patients who seek pain relief and are not, yet, candidates for surgery, or not interested in surgical options.

The first free-standing facility in Wichita, KS, Kansas Regenerative Institute is comprised of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and pain management specialists with extensive medical and fellowship training in their fields of specialty, providing patients with the utmost expertise, compassion and care.  

Kansas Regenerative Institute came to Cascade to help better tell their story and make a connection with potential patients through their website.

website development agency, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, joint pain relief, Wichita, Kansas

Design that makes a connection with patients

website development agency, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, joint pain relief, Wichita, Kansas
website development agency, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, joint pain relief, Wichita, Kansas
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Kansas Regenerative Institute worked with another company that designed their website, however they were not happy with the outcome. Cascade needed to develop a visually appealing, modern website that told a more compelling story, engage patients and would preform better in search.


The physicians behind Kansas Regenerative already have successful practices in the area. The stem cell therapy clinic separates itself from competitors by being a stand-alone facility and with its focus on care and affordability.


Develop powerful messaging and tell the story of the business in an engaging way; make an emotional connection with site visitors. Improve the search performance by following Google's best practices.


Kansas Regenerative Institute's previous website used a dated template and had a strong masculine design. Cascade focused on creating a website design that translated health and an active lifestyle, as well as communicating the science of Regenerative Medicine using stem cell therapy for pain relief of joints, nerves and more. Most importantly, we used images in which potential patients could relate - runners and athletes - and target their desire to become active and pain free, again.

In telling the story of the business, we remained true to search best practices. Since the previous company did not employ Google Analytics, we did not have an understanding of how the website had performed other than the business was not receiving calls or bookings for complimentary consultations. We improved this by implementing online booking and enhanced calls to action. 


While results are still being tracked, to date, the Kansas Regenerative Institute website improved in search rankings up from page 4-5 to page 1 in desired keywords.

The clinic has successfully booked a majority of their consultations online, which easily syncs with their office calendar, saving time and energy.

Now, the clinic can understand how people are using their website, how they're finding the site and how to better engage them.

In two months, website has jumped in search results and increased website engagement; appointment bookings.​

We hired Jennifer Fortney of Cascade Communications to create a new website for our medical clinic. Jennifer was detail oriented, easy to work with, and always on task. We had previously used another marketing firm for our facility and the difference in the quality we received from Jennifer was evident from our first conference call. Jennifer had a vision for our web presence and what she delivered was beyond our expectations. It is easy to navigate, fresh, and patient friendly. We highly recommend Cascade Communications! 

Kansas Regenerative Institute Physicians

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