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web design firm, Chicago, digital marketing agency, tummy time, toys, crawling, public relations, startups, small business
web design firm, Chicago, digital marketing agency, tummy time, toys, crawling, public relations, startups, small business

The Crawligator was a popular toy in the late 60's to help promote crawling.

Stacey Kanzler was familiar with the original Crawligtor and began looking for one for her grandchildren. Coming up empty, she found it had been out of production for nearly 50 years, and the patent was available. She purchased the patent and began to bring the Crawligator out of extinction, meeting new safety standards.

As she began production, she contacted Cascade as a mentor and to assist in creating an interactive, informational website.

web design firm, Chicago, digital marketing agency, tummy time, toys, crawling, public relations, startups, small business

Reinventing can be a real opportunity


The market has competition with products consumers are already familiar with when it comes to promoting crawling and development. Cascade was challenged with creating the messaging and compelling story behind the company, as well as new brand identity, updating the original logo, and visuals to attract parents, and retail buyers.


The Crawligator is a more affordable tool for parents to encourage crawling and development of their infants. The original Crawligator is still searched online and a handful of the vintage version are sold through various online retailers. Also, several infant development experts showed enthusiasm for the Crawligator and willingness to collaborate. This proves the product is viable enough to bring back to market.


Design new brand identity and develop messaging, and informational website. Create an voice and presence for the company. Test interest and search results, provide place for interested experts and buyers, lay the ground work for future store front and growth, to encourage pre-ordering and initial revenue, and build email database.


Research over the decades continues to prove the benefits of tummy time on child development. Parents are becoming more and more aware and interested in tools that will assist them in making sure that their children are meeting development goals, creating the feeling that they are giving their child(ren) the best start in life. 

  • Engage our graphic designer to create a fresh, modern identity for the updated product

  • Develop a strong and descriptive tagline and messaging

  • Utilize the founder's back story to help create an emotional connection with parents and desire to own the new, safer version of the Crawligator.

  • Create a visually appealing website that meets search performance best practices

  • Track website performance, tweak as needed and utilize results for future business planning.


We continue to assist Crawligator in its slow, strategic growth of awareness. As of the 2017 holiday season, the website has seen a manageable number of inquiries on availability and for pre-orders. 

Results continue to be tracked.

  • Secured influencer interest

  • Received more than 20 emails and calls upon site launch

I am very grateful to be accepted in to Jennifer Fortney's Mentorship program this year. Jennifer is extremely professional, honest and tremendously supportive. She is more than a mentor to me, she has become a dear friend during a difficult time. Jennifer has created a brand and website for a children's developmental toy that I am bringing back to the market in Spring of 2018. If you are a new startup I would highly recommend you call Jennifer at Cascade Communication first!

Stacey Kanzler, The Crawligator


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