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Consumer product PR

Our Services

To tell your story in a compelling way that will create curiosity and engagement requires thoughtful strategies. In most instances, PR alone is not enough to ensure sales. We take an integrated digital marketing approach that is focused on telling your story through many channels, because audiences aren't going to learn about you in the same place. Today, we use our arsenal of storytelling talent to help your business be Searched & Discovered in a digital, search-driven world. 

Our unique Cascade360 model takes a full view of your business and industry for customized strategies and campaigns from Onboarding & Discovery, Audits, Strategy & Approach for PR and content to Measurements that matter.

Unlike most PR agencies, we understand that campaigns must cover all bases to ensure success.


Essential Branding

Creating a logo and basic branding designs shouldn't be expensive or overwhelming. Our process makes it quick and easy to develop brand design that you will love.

Story Strategy & Approach

Often times, figuring out what powerful story you have to tell, when to tell it and how to tell it is why companies hire us. We will flush out your story campaign, all of the elements to tell that story, approach and put together a story strategy for the year.

PR - Traditional, Digital, Expert

The media world has changed and we're on the forefront of PR creating strategies that meet your objectives and the needs of media. We've achieved billions of media impressions and know how to make it work for you through story pitching, sampling programs, events, experiential PR campaigns and expert thought leadership.

Website Design

Wix is one of the fastest growing, most comprehensive and easy to use platforms and we're experts. Our all-in-one website packages include a basic framework and tutorial on Wix because you should own your website and be able to edit it whenever you need to.

Search Optimization

Search visibility is the name of the game in today's online world. We implement and teach you the latest in search best practices, proven by us to work, to ensure that your website is searchable and discoverable by your audience.


Today, audiences want authentic and meaningful content that connects and engages. Our unique approach to creating ongoing content on your website can not only drive traffic, build a community around your brand but also position you as an expert. Put our proven strategies to work and see its powerful contribution to increasing search visibility and expert positioning. They will come to you! 

Video & Graphics

Today, there are many ways to tell and share your story, and media rely on visuals to engage and capture their audience. These can also be used on the website, for email marketing and social media - which are all searchable and engaging.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is social for a reason. We audit your current strategy and make recommendations to improve engagement that can increase traffic and sales. We'll develop a custom social media strategy and content calendar for you to implement, because we believe that, while we can execute it for you, the best social posts come from the company, its daily operations and experiences that are more meaningful to audiences.

Our Work

In today's world, you need all of these to achieve your goals.


Consistency matters.

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