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Startup CareerPoint, is the world’s first career advancement coaching platform, empowering young professionals and leveling the playing field for historically under-represented groups. The company is addressing the Great Resignation by giving young professionals what they want most from employers - not raises or titles but career advancement coaching.


Career advancement coaching (different from the general career coaching) has long been only available to senior leadership, companies spending big bucks while overlooking the value it would have on the company’s younger professionals, an audience today’s human resources professionals are now actively engaging.


Founded by Steve McIntosh, an expert in executive recruitment and HR consultant, CareerPoint, emphasizes something McIntosh believes is key but often overlooked by other HR initiatives – the concept of value. How employees create value for their employers; and why the value employees create is the true driver of career advancement.

The startup’s innovative four-hour coaching program, delivered remotely, aims to build confidence, enhance employee value and develop the win-win relationships young professionals need to advance and achieve what they want professionally and personally, while assisting companies in retaining good talent.

To date, CareerPoint has trained 65 coaches and coached hundreds of young people at companies like Apple, Amazon, Adobe (and that’s just the A’s). By the end of the year, the company expects to have 150 coaches trained and to have coached thousands of young professionals. The company is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is currently part of a study through Oxford University with preliminary results showing that what young professionals want most is career advancement.

Story Sources

Career advancement investment has historically been focused on the c-suite, but…

A study by Gallup showed that 87% of Millennials (the group most representing “The Great Resignation”) considered “professional or career growth and development opportunities” to be important to them in a job.  


CareerPoint is currently at the center of a study currently underway at Oxford University. Preliminary results are proving McIntosh’s theories that employees want career advancement coaching and reinforcing the need for businesses to invest in it to bring more value to the company, and help employees thrive professionally and personally.

Story Ideas & Topics

HR Industry

  • HR needs to emphasize Value

  • Companies/employees don’t understand the need for career advancement coaching and programs.

  • Why is the concept of Career Advancement overlooked by companies as a key to employee retention and job satisfaction?

  • Why is this and why is this thinking wrong?

  • Why is it different and more powerful than traditional career coaching?

  • Learn more about why Steve's theory of Company Value = Capital + Human Effort is better than the traditional formulas that don't address where Value comes from in the first place - someone has to create it. How CareerPoint and career advancement coaching can improve a company's abilities to retain and grow employees better than traditional coaching programs, its economic impact, and why the concept of career advancement has laid dormant until now.

  • Employees need to be better on their own and company’s need to be employee specialists


  • Employees do not know that career advancement exists so they don't know to ask for it.

  • People treat you the way you promote yourself

  • Employees need to initiate getting guidance and help instead of as a leader pushing

  • Most people don’t excel because they don’t know how to play the game

  • Employees need to initiate getting guidance and help instead of as a leader pushing

Company Leaders

  • If people are the backbone of the company, then why aren’t HR leaders the CEO?

  • A flatter org? People want as little leadership as possible versus a great leader

  • We talk about leadership but don’t talk enough about followership.

  • Employees need to better on their own, even want to be, and company’s need to be employee specialists

  • How can Career Advancement Coaching be the silver bullet companies are looking for right now.

  • Companies want to build a good culture but not at the expense of performance. It's easy to have a great culture if you don't care about company performance. It's very difficult as a leader to achieve high performance and a great culture.

  • Redefine what a leader should be doing - followership vs. leadership

  • Paradigm of autonomy and giving employees the responsibility

  • Holocracy - removing the structures of management. Boss-less company. 


  • How this startup successfully continues to oversubscribe on fundraising. "They get it immediately."

Quote: Advice for Employers

"Companies can harness all of this untapped ambition by talking openly with employees about their career goals and how they can work together to achieve them. This doesn’t mean handing out raises and titles. It means working with employees to enhance their value and being honest with them about what needs to happen in the business for the advancement opportunity to arise."

Steve McIntosh

CareerPoint CEO Steve McIntosh

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