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Cascade PR client at ABC Network

PR is changing. We're a PR agency integrating story and search.

An Integrated PR & Story Agency 

Generate brand awareness, media coverage and long term visibility through search.

Cascade PR Expertise Top PR Firm
Our Philosophy:

Tell your story, don't sell it.

More than a PR and marketing agency, we are an Integrated Digital Story Agency.

We know that your story and how people search & discover it is ALL that matters.

Our Approach

Through affordable branding, content, public relations, digital marketing, graphics, video and more, we're one of the best PR firms of veteran story tellers creating, communicating, engaging a through media, content, social media, video and graphics. We help clients build credibility, generate awareness and be easily searched and discovered online.


We understand and implement the secret sauce to your success in a digital world.


Our strategies are custom designed with search in mind.
Essential Branding
Story Strategy & Planning
Public Relations
Website Design
Search Visibility
Content Development

Video & Graphics
Social Media Strategy
Startup Advisory
Small Business Marketing Consulting
Fractional CMO
Business growth through PR

Startups -> Small Enterprise...
& Enterprise

We've helped many small businesses, startups and small enterprises from all over the world launch and grow over the years through strategic brand story communications - consulting and execution of PR, branding, content, digital, paid and more. 

And we honed our skills working with big brands and Fortune 1000 companies.

Sure, we've worked with some pretty big companies and learned a lot. Today, the Internet has leveled the playing field for small business exposure and meaningful campaigns to help entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.


Through creative and strategic marketing communications just for small business, we help reach your audience through media, social media and digital platforms, achieving your goals for growth and awareness. We're more than just a PR and communications agency, we care about the whole of your business so that our efforts are truly impactful.

We've successfully worked with budgets big and small.


Big agency experience in a boutique setting. That's our story. 


We have experience in almost every industry. These are just a few.

Arts & Entertainment
Baby & Child
B2B products and services
Banking & Finance
Business & Consumer Software & Technology
Commercial Lending
Consumer Lifestyle 
Consumer Tech & Wearables
Eco-friendly, Green & Sustainability

Food, Restaurant & Beverage
Health, Fitness & Wellness
Home & Garden
HR and HR Tech
Outdoor & Recreation
Pet Products
Real Estate
Social Impact
Special Events/Trade Shows
Sports & Entertainment
Travel Products, Tech, Services
Travel & Tourism
Venture Capital

We Tell Stories of Cool Companies
Around the World

Cascade PR & Marketing Client Map

Our Work

From the Milk Moustache, a Longest Kiss Challenge Tour, the Largest Roll of Toilet Paper in the World and launching the Appletini to helping grow startup clients into $1M in revenue in under two years, setting up a special corn maze theme to go viral, celebrity red carpet events and film premieres, a national media tour for a tech startup founded by a former NFL player, expert business mentorship, redesigning websites and brand messaging to increase SEO, exposure, credibility, sales and engagement. We've done it all.

We are an integrated story marketing agency using creative strategies to engage audiences and grow business for clients around the world.


We're innovating PR for a digital world driven by what matters most to your customer and how they find you through PR and content.

Virtual PR and marketing agency

A Virtual Agency

Our virtual public relations and marketing agency environment means that

our team is made up of veterans, who make us more effective in affordably

telling your compelling story where it has the most impact.


We're a different breed of public relations firm. We've been virtual since 2001.


More than PR, we're a true marketing communications agency and understand its intrinsic value to your business. As a virtual agency, we staff our accounts with veteran communications and marketing pros who really know their stuff. Our awesome team, and partners, allow us to offer the very best to our clients - a chance to have experienced professionals, not interns, affordably working to grow your business by generating compelling messaging, positive media attention, brand strategy, responsive websites, videos, graphics, and digital marketing.


Big agency expertise in a boutique setting. That's our story.

Top PR Agency Honors

Cascade Top PR Firm Illinois
Cascade Best PR Firm Chicago
Cascade Communications PR Awards
Design Rush Best Marketing Agency
Cascade Communications Top PR Firm Clutch
Cascade Communications Top PR Agency Clutch
Cascade Communications Top PR Agency Clutch 2019
Cascade Best PR Firm Chicago Expertise
Cascade Communications Best PR Firms Chicago 2021
Cascade Communications Best PR Firms Chicago 2020
Cascade Communications Top PR Agency Clutch 2018
Cascade Communications Best PR Firms Chicago 2019


"...special thanks go to Cascade Communications for interpreting so well my wishes and for being so easy and fun to work with!​"

" knowledge and experience extend well beyond just marketing and PR."

"If you're launching a company or want to get to another level, you want Jennifer to work with you!"

" of the best hires I have ever made."

"...accommodating, efficient, and reliable."

"...highly professional, has high attention to detail and produces results."

"...exceptional. Not a detail was left unattended to."

"...a master at pitching high-end media like USA Today or New York Times as well as smaller local market media."

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