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Case Study - Kumfy Tailz

Creating a new pet product category

Kumfy Tailz was invented by a pet lover who believed there was an alternative in pet apparel to help keep dogs warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 


The Founder created a dual-purpose harness using gel pack technology.  By addressing canine physiology, the harness holds the gel pack on the core of the dog, where skin, fur are thinnest and the sensitive cardiovascular system is located.  With the help of a veterinarian, Kumfy Tailz is able to keep dogs warmer and cooler (maintain a healthy body temperature), unlike traditional dog coats.  

As a new caterogy in the pet industry, Kumfy Tailz relied on Cascade to generate awareness, build reputation, increase and support sales through public relations.

pet product, public relations agency, pet industry, dog harness, pet product news
pet product, public relations agency, pet industry, dog harness, pet product news
pet product, public relations agency, pet industry, dog harness, pet product news
pet cooling and warming product logo

This new concept is also new to consumers. Education and generating awareness of the concept was key for encouraging adoption and generating reputation with retail buyers.


The Kumfy Tailz product line is truly disruptive and creates an entirely new segment in the $60B + pet market.

The pet industry and its trade media were anxious and hungry for new innovation.


As a startup, Kumfy Tailz had a small marketing budget, but understood the importance of PR.  When we saw the product, we knew its potential. Cascade Communications created a highly targeted media relations-driven program to drive awareness, educate consumers and the industry on the harness, and also launched the coat to the industry and consumer media.


Since the concept was so new and different, we used a series of visuals to help tell the story of Kumfy Tailz and to show media how it works. Due to a small budget, Cascade focused on the low hanging fruit, predominately consumer pet media and influencers and industry trade publications.

  • Write press release and press kit materials for search.

  • Write a compelling pitch with visuals

  • Build a highly targeted media list of industry pet publications, consumer pet media and general consumer media. 

  • Achieve interest from powerful consumer pet bloggers to conduct influential reviews and giveaways.

  • Support the company at pet product trade shows by making introductions and building relationships with media.


While Kumfy Tailz was disrupting the pet clothing category, the concept of cooling products for pets was taking hold in other product categories. Together, they set the trend which created a cascade of media opportunities and interest from pet product bloggers and consumer media. 

The "Today" show was one of the many national media that caught on to the trend and growing pet product market. This is a sample of media and bloggers.

  • 70 media hits in 18 months

  • Multiple inclusions in pet trade publications

  • Today show

  • 100MM impressions

pet product PR Today
pet product PR NBC5 Chicago
pet product PR Yahoo!
pet product PR pet blog
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pet blogger Nikki Knows Pets
pet product PR Chicago Tribune
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pet product PR Pet Age
pet product PR Woman's Day
pet product PR Doggington Post
American Kennel Club Family Dog logo
pet product pr
pet radio show Animal Radio
The Pet Blog Lady
DogTipper blog
Daily Kibble pet blog
Pepper's Paws pet blogger
dogthusiast pet blog
Preston Speaks pet blogger
PetsWeekly magazine
PetTalk logo
National Hardware Show logo
TalkinPets show
Life with Beagle pet blogger

Jennifer is one of the best hires I have ever made. She has done an outstanding job of taking a startup and putting us on the "'map'.  She 'gets it'.  Her PR efforts have given Kumfy Tailz an incredible presence in the pet publication and social media world, with more than 70 media placements including the 'Today' show." Kumfy Tailz will continue to work with Jennifer as long as we are Kumfy Tailz.


Gail Sanders-Luckman, Founder, Kumfy Tailz

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