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  • What is public relations and how does it work?
    Boy, we get this question a lot, and understandly so. PR works differently than the other elements of the marketing mix. The focus is on giving media a compelling story, but this is true for all of your marketing. Consumers that buy create an emotional attachment to your product and brand story. Sucessful companies understand how to tell their story well across all platforms. With PR, specifically, there are certain intangibles such as our time pitching media, which you don't see, but we've developed a fix for that and our clients love it. To really understand PR, how it works, how it's changed and more, follow our blog. Loads of good content there and tips. Or you can buy our book available on our homepage.
  • How does your public relations and marketing communications agency work?
    We want to be long-term partners for our clients, so most of them are on annual retainers, but we do offer by-project and short-term project work as well. First, we talk with you and conduct research to learn about your needs, business and industry. We listen to media and consumers online to find out what's happening and where the opportunities lie for your business. But, we don't just think about public relations. Cascade Communications is a full-service public relations and marketing communications agency. Understanding that PR drives traffic to your website and digital platforms, we evaluate your online presence to ensure total success of our efforts. Then, we put together a proposal of customized strategy recommendations for your business. These aren't written in stone but give you an idea of what we see as opportunities for you. We work with our clients to determine the best, final strategy.
  • Why do my website and social platforms need to be aligned?
    It's always been true that all of your marketing efforts should share a consistent message, voice and personality. Now that all businesses have an online store front, this is the first place people will go after learning about your business. They will make a decision to engage with your brand in a whopping 3-5 seconds. If Facebook is their first interation with your business, they will do the same on your profile page. So, you can understand why they all need to work together to be productive, and help you achieve your business goals for growth.
  • What is a virtual agency?
    Where most agencies have an office, full-time staff and expenditures they pass off to you, Cascade Communications works with some of the best contractors in the business ranging from former journalists and veteran PR pros from some of the top corporate public relations agencies. Our Media Consultants are plugged in to PR, marketing, technology and new media, and share the high standards, Mission and Philosophy that Cascade was built on. They work from their home offices and enjoy the work/life balance of being part of a virtual firm, and we return the savings to our clients. Our belief is happy employees produce better outcomes for our clients. We only work with the best because only the best is good enough for our clients. Please note that staffing of account depends on budget and scope of work.
  • Will I notice anything different with your virtual firm and staff than other agencies?
    Not a thing. Just because we're virtual doesn't mean that we run any different. Okay, we gather everyone for virtual coffee and meetings via Skype, and we embrace new technologies to keep in touch with our clients, but our clients notice nothing different working with us. You will have one primary contact with the kind of experienced team you will not find at larger agencies.
  • How will my account be staffed and who will be the point person for my business?
    Being virtual has its benefits. Not only are we able to keep our fees affordable, but we're able to hand-pick the best team for each client account. President, Jennifer Fortney, is the contact for all clients and oversees every campaign, although your consultant may be present from time to time to ensure communications and expectations are clear. Staffing depends on budget and scope of work.
  • What kind of payment do you accept?
    Cascade Communications offers payment by free bank to bank transfer, check or credit card via PayPal (ussage fees paid by client).
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