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Case Study - LIVV Headphones

A New Your City startup, MyClean had begun to expand its business model to Chicago, entering a competitive market using online booking as a convenience to consumers. However, MyClean offered an "on-demand" model that stood out for consumers and commercial offices.

Cascade was challenged to find a unique way to generate opportunities for media in the Chicago market in a short-term project.


The company HQ is in NYC, making it difficult to find a local angle. Many of its local competitors, while not as large, were well-known and beginning to use similar technology. Consumers tend to be very loyal to house cleaners they trust, making it difficult to encourage them to make the switch to MyClean.


Local media are always looking for fresh tips they can share with consumers. The startup was flexible in garnering media attention.


Pitch local consumer and business media to generate awareness of the company's launch in market, and encourage people to give the company a try. Communicate the company's convenience and high-quality service.


Knowing that we need to be creative to attract media, we asked the company to tap its employees and ask them for their best, secret cleaning tips, and called it "Maid of Secrets" media tour in Chicago.

  • Pitch in-studio TV opportunities as well as consumer media, influencers

  • Make introductions to local business media and set up interviews for CEO


There were many "oohs and aahhs" over the amazing things that shaving cream, toothpaste and a tennis ball can do around the house. Curious to know more?


Watch Eight Crazy Ways to Better Clean Your House.

One morning TV show liked the segment so much that they invited the spokesperson back for another round of spring cleaning tips.

The best part is that we gave the company something they can  use in other markets to launch their brand.

  • In-studio TV segments booked on four Chicago stations, including #1 Morning News in market

  • Interviews occurred with Chicago Tribune and internationally distributed "First Business"

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