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You're invited to be the first few to download my new book for free! Your review on Amazon will give millions of entrepreneurs the chance to learn the inside secrets to successful PR, marketing and overall business success.

How to DIY PR

Ever wonder how so many small businesses and startups attract media attention? Did they hire a PR pro? Maybe they learned to do it themselves. 

Even in today's social world, public relations is still the #1 way to build instant credibility for your business with customers, investors, partners and more. Most importantly, to you, is that it can DRIVE SALES! The power of a news story on your business, even a mention, can impact the grow of your business and help achieve your goals of success. And, it all starts with a great story!

Successful brands and growing businesses know how to tell their story well, over every marketing platform - media, website, social media, digital ads, trade shows, marketing materials, video and more. They know who and what they are and tell it in such a way that it creates an emotional connection with customers, who not only buy, but become brand loyalists!

Small businesses may not have the budget to hire a pro, but with a strategy, and focus, you can learn to successfully land media stories for your business that will generate awareness, build credibility and drive sales. If you think you have a great story to tell, or maybe you don't know quite how to discover it, then this ultimate DIY PR guide and workbook is for you. 

"I love the energy that flows from the pages in this book!...As a small business owner, I learned more from this easy to understand book than business conferences, programs or other books I've read."

- Amazon Review

Written by veteran public relations and marketing professional Jennifer Fortney, "Pitched" offers insider tips, secrets, workbook exercises and templates you can use to define and write a compelling news story, that will attract media, investors and sales from every marketing tactic you employ. As well as, marketing strategy development, preparing your business for media attention, and how to prepare for interviews with templates you can use to immediately write your story and get it out in front of media!

She will walk you through everything from a brief history of PR to what it is, why and how it works and how you can make it work for you, and even shares the #1 key to your success, not just with PR, but for all of your marketing. It really is the only thing that matters to achieving your dreams of growing and running a successful business.

Based on a workshop Jennifer Fortney taught for five years to small business owners, entrepreneurs and startup founders, Pitched is the quintessential read for all business owners. She takes away the mystery behind public relations and talks to you like she talks to her clients and friends. Attendees paid as much as $75 to attend her class, and receive the same inside information and "how to" as you will from this concise and easy to follow book. In fact, in this latest version you get more! Pitched is meant to be an interactive guide that you follow step-by-step. When you're done, you will have "aha" moments and knowledge that will follow you forever.


Download and and I request that you please leave a review on Amazon.

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