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What exactly IS PR? How Does it Work? New Book Solves Mystery

Over the past 17 years in business, I have had more people - entrepreneurs and corporate executives - ask me about PR and "what is it?". It's so mysterious.

Other times I get earloads on how an entrepreneur, even a larger company, had a bad experience with a PR agency, professional, the media...So, I set out to educate people honestly, even giving away secrets of our industry.

"Why would you do that?" It's simple. If you're spending money on PR and marketing than you deserve to understand what it is, how it works, how it could work for you.

Truth be told, the more educated you are on the various marketing elements, the more helpful you can be to your PR agency. Now, most PR agencies don't want to hear me say that, but for me, it's TRUE. For me, this makes the overall campaign much more efficient and productive, which is what you want, right?

Eventually, the number of similar stories I was hearing was becoming overwhelming, and I knew that I needed to take action. Fortunately, I remembered what a valuable resource the SBA SCORE program was, and it turned out that they needed a new PR workshop teacher.

Five years and 20 sold out classes later, I "retired" and began to put the class into a book that every entrepreneur, small business owner, startup, even business executive could benefit.

best PR books on Amazon 2018

Today, "Pitched: A Simple DIY Guide to Public Relations for Small Business" is now available on Amazon Kindle, and soon in paperback.

This step-by-step guide is ideal for first time entrepreneurs, small business and startup founders who want to learn do-it-yourself PR to grow your business.

Follow the book and utilize the worksheet to develop messaging, a compelling story and strategies that will attract media attention.

and start working your PR campaign within a few days after delivery.

Learn more here.

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