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Entrepreneur Tip: 6 Ways for Startup Founders to Take a Break & Create Fresh Thinking

For entrepreneurs, it is a day in and day out grind of drinking the same Kool-aid. It is easy to develop tremendous determination and passion for your business and bringing it to life, however this can also lead to tunnel vision, inability to resolve challenges quickly, loss of momentum, frustration and sometimes quitting.

Successful companies know how to pivot when pivoting is required. And, while business

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owners say they understand the importance of pivoting, they rarely do it. Why, because they're stuck where they are and are either happy there or cannot find a way out of it in order to take their business to the next level.

The resolution is quite simple. You work hard and deserve a break. It is wise, even healthy, to take time away to refresh your current perspective on your business. You might even change your mind on something you have been inflexible on. Hiring the right outside thinking can be enlightening, but you shouldn't rely on it.

By simply taking time away from your business, you will not only return refreshed but with a clear mind; a clear mind that can see ahead, resolve challenges, create new avenues for success and even offer a greater perspective on your business in general.

I often refer to it as "marinating". By walking away from client work or a problem I am trying to solve, and moving to something else, sleeping on it, and revisiting it later I am able to review the task and generate new ideas, thinking and campaign strategies for clients. It never steers me wrong.

The following are five tips for entrepreneurs on how to "take a step back":

1. Move to another project: for most entrepreneurs there is a guilt for just taking time off from the work. Often times, if you're challenged by your business, approach, ability to solve problems, operations, sales, marketing, you name it, simply switching away from what you are doing to something else that is still productive for the business can spark your mind once you return. I suggest stepping away for at least two hours.

2. Go for a walk: It doesn't even have to be a long walk, but a few to several blocks. Research shows that a walk around the block not only invigorates thee body but increases oxygen to the brain which can lead to more effective productivity when you return to the office.

3. Sit in the park or somewhere sunny: Light is the missing nutrient for the body. Sitting in the sun in a park or quiet area boosts your mood and provides fresh air. Many find inspiration from nature as we're all part of the same energy source, and even people watching. It is a great place to clear your mind and even meditate. 15-20 minutes can do the trick. Sunscreen recommended.

4. Meditate: One of the top reasons most people don't meditate is because they believe they need to set aside an hour for it to be truly effective. This is simply not true. Research has shown that even taking five minutes to breath deep and clear your mind can produce better overall health and mental health benefits than not doing it at all. Often times our minds are cluttered with where it has been in the thought process, continuing to retrieve the same thinking over and over. By clearing the mind, we allow it to "reboot" which can bring with it an entirely different point of view on a subject or task.

5. Volunteer: Making time to be of service to others not only has a profound effect on your spirit, but also your heart, way of thinking and perspective on life, which then can positively effect your business, your product, the way you run your business, your attitude, and much more. You get what you give.

6. Take a vacation: Even if it's only a half day away "staycation" , the impact of completely shutting yourself down for several hours, one day, a weekend can have a tremendously positive impact on your business. So forget the guilt and feeling that you have to grind every moment of the day. You're doing yourself a disservice, and ultimately the success of your business.

7. Or simply unplug: The less you are engaged with the problem you're trying to solve, the more you will free your mind to come up with the perfect solution. Plus, it doesn't hurt that studies show that breaking away from all of your devices, even for a few hours, can also make a big difference to your well-being.

No business owner or startup founder can be truly effective if they fail to take care of themselves. These tips can improve your spiritual health and lead to even great success in achieving your dreams and goals.

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