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Fintech Startup Offers Retailers, Consumers 'Checkout Anywhere' in Store for Holiday 2020

Thanks to Covid-19, retailers, like many other businesses, are in a bit of a pickle in 2020 when it comes to planning Q4/holiday sales, managing inventory and how to build consumer confidence in the safety of their stores to encourage them to shop in-store and not just online.

So how does a retail industry, which has taken a big hit this year, get people back into the stores, taking pressure off of online ordering and fulfillment, and making them feel safer than ever before? There is a lot of talk about contactless payment, however, retailers can now offer consumers the novel approach of checking out anywhere in the store that is smarter, easier to deploy, more cost efficient, increases sales, reduces costs and keeps consumers and employees safer than just contactless payments and self-checkout kiosks.

Xcoobee, a payments and privacy solutions Fintech startup out of Charlotte, NC, offers

retailers a new, innovative system that includes components of digital payments and digital commerce translated for the in-store retail experience. It is the only company that focuses on both payments and verification, is easier and more affordable to roll out, offers more features and functionality including a customizable interface for branding and does not require extra hardware, like NFC terminals or scanners. All key points for retailers.

Overall, Xcoobee retail experience can be unleashed in retail stores across the country faster and at a lower cost, providing retailers and consumers the most secure contactless, in-store checkout from anywhere, reducing fears of long lines, congestion and potential exposure to Covid-19. Retailers can keep employees and consumers safer while processing the most secure transactions and getting more detailed in-store analytics.

“Our goal at XcooBee is to provide a safer retail environment for consumers and employees, while helping companies reduce costs, returns and improve in-store security,” says Bilal Soylu Founder of XcooBee. “We see a new retail experience for the future that will help get consumers back into the stores for the 2020 holiday season and allows retailers the ability to conduct business faster, safer and more efficiently.”

XcooBee created a very flexible data processing platform that is an innovative system that combines components of digital payments and digital commerce and translates it for a new in-store experience. Its network is a dynamic global work-flow engine that allows for the creation of many different business processes to run on top of it with high security and scalability.

Benefits of Xcoobee for Retail

XcooBee’s one-of-a-kind smart QR codes are inexpensive to roll out and more easily maintained compared to other applications

  • They are made for long lifespans and do not need to be reprinted when conditions such as product, pricing or language change

  • Codes can have additional behavior rules – i.e. upsells or only used in this geolocation or recommendations for product use

  • Management is streamlined and less expensive and more easily maintained

XcooBee helps retail stores by

  • Protecting employees and shoppers and promoting social distancing

  • Processing more transactions faster and safely

  • Customizing for a 100% branded experience powered by XcooBee – from start to finish

  • Reduce the number of returns by allowing pre-purchase review of goods

  • Cut down on receipt fraud by issuing digital, blockchain-validated receipts

  • Offering better store security using AI at checkout points to validate purchases faster and with more accuracy

  • Driving more revenue through the capture of more impulse purchases – open a new segment for retailers.

  • Reduce 3rd party shopping-app commissions

  • Reduce costs of self-checkout by removing most hardware and maintenance

  • Offering easy options for retailers to integrated to XcooBee API

  • Gain more in-store shopping data for analysis

  • Ability to connect to add-on and marketing programs to increase future business

“We help retailers be better stewards of their consumer and store data, offering them the chance to ensure safety and build consumer confidence in their brand,” said Soylu. “Really, the applications for the system are varied and wide. There is a use for individuals as well as changing the way companies conduct business daily.”

The XcooBee retail experience is also connected to remote shopping and payments, giving businesses the opportunity to reduce company credit card use for payments or purchases made by employees. Business owners can also review purchases before accepting and paying.

Even consumers can use Xcoobee to share items with others before buying - someone shopping on behalf of someone who is immune compromised and unable to go to the store. The Xcoobee system helps cut down on returns and save time, while mitigating risk.

So the next time you see something at the store you think your neighbor would like, send it before buying it to reduce unnecessary visits to the store and potential exposure.

For more information, Contact Us.

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