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How to Recreate Travel Memories and Inspire New Ones

Right now, parents are trying to recreate their canceled Spring Break trips at home with the help of video and virtual experiences. Meanwhile, others are making future travel plans for when quarantine is over or recounting travel stories with friends during virtual happy hours and sparking inspiration.

Maybe it’s the Eiffel Tower, Manchu Pichu or, closer to home, driving the historic Route 66, seeing the Grand Canyon, an especially memorable trip to New York City, running the Chicago marathon, or whitewater rafting Wyoming’s Snake River.

Wherever it is you go, or want to go, travel, experiences and special moments mean something to the individual, and within each is a story that brings back smiles, a flow of memories and emotions. And, who doesn't need more smiles these days? Yeah, you know that feeling. It makes us anxious for the next adventure.

So, with more time on your hands, how are you recreating the trips and vacations that have meant the most to you right now? Finally printing those pictures from the family vacation to Charleston to hang on the wall? Putting together a photo gallery screensaver for your computer? Or will you go a more fashionable route (and we don’t mean buying cheesy I “heart” San Fran).

Inspired by an Adventure

El Camino founders

In the summer of 2013, Candace Kellough and Tom Lane were hiking between Barcelona and Monaco. One night over dinner, they began telling the tales of their travels and actually had a difficult time remembering details. An idea struck. What if they could create a jewelry line that was rugged, durable and fashionable that would hold a person’s unique travel stories and spark curiosity and conversation with others.

In the fall of 2013, and back home in Cornwall, the pair committed to their concept and launched El Camino Bracelets

Inspired by the fact that every person’s life, journey, path or “El Camino” (Spanish) is unique and one-of-a-kind, the El Camino jewelry line of bracelets and necklaces allow everyone from seasoned travelers to weekend explorers to capture and carry those moments with them everywhere.

The line is one-of-a-kind, and custom made by each person’s unique travel experiences, making each bracelet or necklace uniquely their own story.

A Story in Every Step and Bead

It’s your story. Each “Step” uniquely expresses your individuality and tells the story of who you are.

El Camino Washington bead

The El Camino "Steps" denote countries and cities while colorful beads mark oceans and seas visited (Think: Key West, Florida, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico)

“Steps” can also be custom made to note an engagement, wedding, birth and any other special life moment to be remembered (when you finally got to ride in a hot air balloon in New Mexico and your partner proposed or when you hiked to Pike's Peak).

“Travel is such a personal experience from choosing where to go and why to how you will experience it when you arrive,” said Candace Kellough Co-founder of El Camino. “For some they want to travel the world in luxury, but most are on a budget. Others have a bucket list to visit each National Park in the U.S., run major marathons, go to Comicon or Sturgis, drive Route 66 or hike the Appalachian Trail. Maybe it’s a wedding in historic Savannah, GA. It could be anything and every experience that is meaningful to you. El Camino – your journey or path – is one-of-a-kind and truly unique.”

El Camino Turquoise Bracelet US Destinations

Handmade, Highest Quality & Durable

Each El Camino bracelets ($29.00-42.00 USD) and necklaces ($40.00 USD) are made with a proprietary material that is vegan-friendly and durable enough for any kind of travel even hiking Mount St. Helens or Pike’s Peak.

What makes El Camino so unique, is that every bracelet and necklace is handmade in the UK. Each stainless-steel bead, or “Step”, is hand engraved with a Country ($12.00 USD), Small Steps – a city or destination ($12.00 USD), an Adventure Step – Mountains, Wave, Arrow ($15.00 USD), and Custom Steps – NYC Marathon, SuperBowl LIV, etc. ($27.00).

Beautiful, handmade glass beads represent oceans and seas ($21.00 USD) and others are Regions like South America ($15.00 USD), while spacers and bead bracelets are made from sustainably sourced wood and coconut beads ($8.00-14.00 USD).

Now Available in the U.S.

Free shipping via USPS (5-9 days) to the United States for orders over $130.00 USD is now available at Orders less than $130.00 shipping is just $6.50 USD. Express shipping is available for $19.50 USD with arrival in 2-3 business days.

The Perfect Gift for Travel Lovers and Everyone Who Has Ever Gone Anywhere

El Camino is a unique gift idea for frequent flyers, travel lovers, students studying abroad and anyone who likes to travel or wants to mark life’s special moments.

“Inspired by our own travels El Camino bracelets and necklaces are the best way to display, remember and share your unique travel and life stories,” said Kellough. “They really are a great conversation starter and helps people connect and inspires them to live their ‘El Camino’.”

And, we all need more meaningful connection these days.

El Camino double bracelet

El Camino Travel necklace

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