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Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic: Building Authentic, Connected Experiences

Things have changed. Things are changing. Things will continue to change. How you, as a business owner, go about adjusting to these changes is everything.

How you market your business - focus and direction - during a pandemic and thus in a post-pandemic world is what you're trying to determine. Being nimble, able to pivot and adopt new communications tools is the key.

However, one thing has always been true and will always be true - telling your compelling story in an authentic way to bring consumers/clients into your business; to create loyalty and ambassadors who will share and endorse your business for you.

Whether its via website, social media, newsletters or Google Meet, selling your story is everything and learning to do it in a fresh, real way is what will separate the thrivers.

Creating loyalty and turning customers into ambassadors has always been the number one goal in all marketing. Always. It's just that

how it's done has changed helping to give a deeper understanding of why. It's all about creating a connection, an emotional connection, with your audience, a Connected Experience that is authentic, positive and lasting.

Read more on how to create a Connected Experience to build a sustainable marketing strategy for your business today and in the future in this article I wrote for Home Business magazine.

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