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PR Tip: The #1 Most Overlooked PR Approach to Generating Media Coverage

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It has been my pleasure to continue as a contributor to Home Business magazine and offer advice that can help small businesses and startups through these odd times.

In the latest issue of Home Business, I write on the number one PR tip and most overlooked public relations approach to get media attention for your business. Where you tell your story is the deciding factor of how your business will grow.

Sure, every business wants that one big national story, but before you get there you have to walk before you run. Plus, if your goal is to generate immediate sales and interest, these are the media you want to hit first. These are the media outlets that, in the long run, will sustain your business long-term.

Moreover, it gives you a chance to test your supply chain. With a modest approach to media coverage, a company can see just where the holes are in its operations process. I've seen far too many businesses be underprepared and completely overwhelmed by major national media coverage. So much so that some of the actually went out of business.

With this lesson learned, be smart and observe the value of the "low-hanging fruit" media to your business. This media niche provides an opportunity for you to directly reach your audience and establish quick increase in sales and call inquiries. It is more valuable than broader national media and more affordable for startups and small businesses.

Want to learn more? Give my article a read here.

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