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This is The One, Top Marketing Strategy You Need for 2024

Today's story marketing can seem complex and overwhelming - how do you break through the clutter? - but we've been quietly innovating solutions to meet these challenges.

As we welcome a new year and celebrate 21 years in business, I've been reflecting over the many changes Cascade has seen in the way we conduct public relations, build campaigns and engage with media to build exposure and credibility for clients.

What I've come to realize is that the digital world presents challenges and opportunities. Challenges required in more time for us or for our DIY clients to increase exposure online and yet opportunities for understanding and mastering marketing in a digital world.

We've discovered pockets of opportunity, still relatively untouched by small businesses - or overlooked - and narrowed down a powerful strategy based on what really matters today, in a digital-first, mobile world.

The question we always ask clients is "Why?" Why does your company matter right now? Why, and how, will it impact lives? Why are you different? Why should consumers, and thus media, care?

These questions are the same that any good journalist asks before considering a story, company or product for feature or inclusion in a roundup or trend story. It's important to us that our clients understand what their compelling story is and for us to know how we can help build it to attract media attention.

What we do know is that media are busier than ever - I feel as if I say this every year, but it's true. As the digital world continues to expand, so must we to meet the needs of the times; the needs of today's journalists. But we also have to meet the needs of consumers and their ability to find our clients.

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Our top marketing strategy?

This past year, I've come to the conclusion that the one, overarching marketing strategy for every business is the concept of Search & Discovery. How do customers search and discover our clients - your business? It's an interesting theory that's evolved into a kind of science that Cascade continues to excitedly dig into. But, it is also an art.

At the core of this strategy is content. Not just any content but that which is most relevant to your business and meaningful to your audience, and it comes in many forms.

This is why we take a holistic view of our client's story and marketing communications and how you're "connecting" with your audiences. While public relations is still one of the best ways to create credible awareness that drives curiosity to learn more, we know that it isn't enough. The story you tell must match that of all other marketing avenues because today's digital savvy consumer expects it.

The way you tell your story across all platforms must match yet also be meaningful to the users of that platform. While the compelling story must be told authentically and create an emotional desire the timing of its placement is a key.

We also know that consumers learn about companies from many different sources, and we must be able to ensure that we're covering all ground for real impact.

With more and more online platforms and podcasts developing, there is no longer a standard source for information. This is why we encourage clients to engage with any media outlet or news/informational platform over trying to handpick media they prefer over others. At the end, it all creates an opportunity for a client to be discovered and open the door to engage, communicate further and build a loyal community.

Another powerful step is how we're innovating ourselves as a media company and source for search and discovery of our clients, and we create strategies to help clients do this as well.

This past year, we've seen some great companies employing these tactics already! It's wonderful. See, it all goes hand in hand when it comes to search and discovery. It really is the new frontier of integrated marketing communications. And, while paid ads, placements and reviews do play a roll, we're innovating new ways that help our clients achieve the organic reach and exposure they need to grow and expand to execute a successful, and more affordable paid strategy in the future.

It's going to be an exciting year. We're continuing to create new opportunities and expand the definition and practice of public relations into the kind of storytelling that really connects with customers, review data and results and then execute successfully for all clients.

As a boutique, virtual agency for startups, small business and small enterprise since 2000, we understand the importance of creative innovation that extends out of the traditional and blossoms into successful storytelling for results.

Let this year be the year of engaging discovery and curiosity that powers it.

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