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Case Study - CareerPoint

The Answer for How Companies Retain Employees and Increase Job Satisfaction

The startup focuses on offering affordable, innovative career advancement coaching (different from career coaching) to young professionals, the primary demographic driving The Great Resignation.


CareerPoint is currently the focus of a study out of Oxford University and preliminary results are proving that young professionals want career advancement coaching and opportunities.

Cascade was tasked with increasing the CEO's expert positioning in HR and hiring through media on a very small budget.

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The startup had very limited budget. We had to work in onboarding and media relations to a handful of targeted media within this small budget and 30-day project.


Media are always looking for credible new expert sources for comment. The conversation was, and continues, to be hot around hiring and employee retention, especially among younger professionals.


The CEO's contrarian thinking about the HR industry set him apart as someone with fresh thinking, thus creating another element to the ongoing conversation on hiring and retention.


We onboarded the company quickly, built a highly targeted media list and began pitching media. The goal was to introduce the CEO and get his point of view on The Great Resignation into the ongoing conversation.


The company had recently added some high profile industry professionals to its advisory board, which proved that the company is on to something. With a limited budget, we had to stay very focused.

  • Wrote a press release and hosted it on our high authority website

  • Expressed the story through owned content on our TrepSess magazine

  • Focused pitch on industry publications and media - up to 50

  • We included higher profile media covering the ongoing trend of The Great Resignation 

  • Facilitated media requests for interviews and articles


Our initial pitch did not perform as hoped due to the crowded market of HR professionals and companies vying to be part of The Great Resignation conversation. One journalist responded asking what the CEO has to offer that is so different and new compared to others.

This led us to pivot our pitch resulting in much more interest from industry media and thought leaders. We secured several email Q&A's, podcast interviews, requests for articles and an invitation to host an industry webinar.

It opened doors to relationships with these industry thought leaders who liked the CEO's fresh perspective on hiring and retention.

A few of the media achieved.

  • More than 34,000,000 trackable impressions

  • Podcast interviews

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It was lovely; we could have talked for another hour or so. Great guy and excellent conversation...Thanks again for putting this together.


Editor at Large, Leading HR Industry Publication

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