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Search Trends: Improving Your Discovery in Search. Experts Predict Priorities for 2024

At Cascade, we understand that being searched and discovered is key to improving your online presence. Today, to improve search discovery, strategies around content and search trends should be integrated using your blog, on page searchable content, PR and expert articles that can be used across the most relevant social media channels for your business.

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Search has changed thanks in part to AI, but also customer use of search. Recent Google updates and changes to the search results pages affect all businesses whether B2C or B2B. These changes are a result of meeting the demands of how people search and then discover authentic, quality and relevant results. If you want to ensure that your company, expertise, content and PR stay relevant and are searchable and discoverable it’s important to understand what is coming.

Experts Predict Search Priorities for 2024

Looking ahead into 2024, this article from Search Engine Journal gives companies insights into what you should focus on in relation to changes coming to search. These changes don’t just affect your business and customers, but also media outlets. Everyone will be paying attention, and that’s why you should too.

The article, SEO Experts’ Predictions 2024, is not only for those who work in the SEO world, but for the entire marketing department and even leadership. Buy in for the investment into search is more important than ever before and will only become more so as search changes and companies compete for page ranking, visibility and relevancy for years to come.

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