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Career Tip: Why Everyone Needs to Find the Entrepreneur Inside

While individuals continue to try and find a good, full-time career, it’s no surprise that many are turning to temporary work to tie them over. Over the last few years the number of temporary workers has increased, and is only expected to grow in 2014, thanks to ongoing development of new technologies allowing just about everyone to work remotely.

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Many believe, and statistics show, that a majority of people would be working remotely, as freelance or contract by 2020. Little did we know that 2020 would actually force people into not only working remotely, but also on contract as the pandemic forced a shift in work environment and job security, for many.

For a majority of individuals who prefer the safety net of a full-time position, they may be faced with an uncomfortable reality that will have them looking deep inside. Job security just isn’t what it used to be and in fact the term ‘job security’ is fast becoming almost an oxymoron.

Many folks are facing reduced working hours, a reduction in salary, or layoffs, any of which can be very stressful under the best of circumstances, but particularly if one has a mortgage or a growing family.”

This sounds like an eerie echo from 2009, but the reality it is still true today. Inflation and a potential economic slowdown has clearly redefined businesses and their structures moving forward, giving companies like and leading roles in redefining how companies locate and hire qualified contractors/temporary workers. And, more importantly, how individuals create a fruitful career working on a contract basis.

Through the process, many people are discovering that they like the lifestyle of being a temporary contract worker, and they are not struggling to find work. However, it’s not just corporations. Startups and small businesses have long turned to independent contractors to provide affordable, high-quality work, giving birth to a number of small businesses in the wake.

As the demand for specialized temporary contract workers increases, giving rise to more contract-based businesses, it becomes key for all of us to find the entrepreneur inside to create a successful career as a freelancer, who may become a business owner or startup company changing the world.

Career Tip

Here are some key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs everyone can follow:

  • Let go of your fear: Fear is a ruthless, relentless thing if you allow it to have control. There is a saying “Let go and let God”, and this kind of faith is practiced daily by successful entrepreneurs. A funny thing happens when you let go of fear, it opens you up to receive good things!

  • Go for it! In the words of Master Yoda “There is no try, only do”. It is one thing to believe that you can be successful as an entrepreneur, it’s quite another to actually do what it takes to become successful. This story of the man who prayed to win the lottery is a great example. See he prayed every day and when God didn't provide he gave up on God, who responded "You must buy a ticket" [to win]. Action is required. Just because you ask will not make it so.

  • Don’t stop: Being determined, and even stubborn, is one of the greatest attributes of being a successful entrepreneur. Backed with faith, the pair together will propel you forward towards what you want. Not settling or playing the victim when things don’t go your way means that you need to also….

  • Be flexible enough to change gears: If it’s not working, than find out why and make the change. Don’t just settle and give up or you will never realize your dreams for your life.

  • Plan: Much like “Go for it” you really need a plan, a vision of where you’re headed in life, and business, in order to succeed. It’s also known as a road map, or GPS system, for life!

  • Set a goal and keep your mind firmly focused on it: It’s been said that when someone sets a goal and keeps it at the forefront of their mind, that there’s almost certainly no way they cannot achieve it. Set your one end goal (grow your business by 20%, double your income, earn $1M, climb Kilimanjaro) and repeat it day in and day out to yourself or even out loud. And, when waters seem to get rough, think of it as more of a test – How badly do you want what it is you’re setting out to achieve?

  • Be aware: Staying open to the opportunities that come to you can be challenging, especially when they don’t come in the exact package we are expecting, but you never know….it could be even better than you thought. Everything is worth exploring.

  • Trust & verify: We all want to hire or work with the best, but often times what seems like the best is just a good sales pitch with no experience or results to back it. Always trust, then verify.

Your thoughts are the most powerful thing and when combined with faith, determination and everything above, you can become an indomitable force that will ultimately reach its goals and vision for success in this life.

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